Just married!

Wedding special offer: rent the car you need

You are getting married this year? Congratulations!
Why not create sensation by renting either a lovely convertible, or an antique car or an elegant sedan?
You are lucky: Drivy offers you a coupon code for the D-Day!

€15 of rental offered*

For your guests as well, renting a car through Drivy is the most practical solution to get to the ceremony. They can rent a vehicle next to their home or at a station/airport close to the celebration.
And for good measure, we also offer them €15 on their car rental for your wedding*.

How do I use it?

You are organizing your wedding

Drivy offers you €15 on your next rental* (valid for one year, without conditions) + €15 of rental for all your guests so they can easily come to your wedding* (provided that it is their first rental on Drivy).
Send us an email with the number of guests and your wedding announcement in order to receive your coupon codes.

You are invited to a wedding

To benefit from the offer, nothing easier: present our offer to the future spouses and send us their email address. If they circulate the offer to their guests, Drivy offers you an additional €15* coupon code to thank you for spreading the word.

* one coupon code per person, this offer is not cumulative