How does instant booking work?

Instant booking enables you to book a car in a few clicks, without having to wait for the owner’s approval. Instant booking cars appear in the search results with a lightning bolt symbol.

How does it work?

  • In the search results, select a car with the “instant booking” banner. You’ll be able to select the filter “instant booking” to see only eligible cars.

  • Then, click on “Book”. Don’t worry, your payment method will only be debited when you confirm your order.

  • Finally, proceed to the payment to confirm the booking. Once the payment is done, the rental is immediately confirmed.

After booking the car, you will be able to contact the owner to ask questions or give more details via the Drivy chat.

NB : When you select an instant booking car among your picks, you don’t need to select other cars. If you have chosen several, the instant booking car will automatically become your first choice and cancel your other picks.

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