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How are prices computed?

The prices you set are the base on which we’ll calculate what the driver will pay and how much you will earn. You always get 79% of the price you set, the remaining 21% being the Drivy’s service fees.

You can find more information on what the driver pays here.

The price per day

When listing your car, we ask you to pick a price per day for your car. This is the base on which all your rental prices will be calculated.

Drivy recommends a price structure maximizing your earnings. This structure is discounted: the first day is the most expensive to ensure the rental organization is worth it, then the prices get reduced to remain competitive on long durations.

In France, Germany, Austria, Spain & Belgium

However, the details of the discounts are editable in the Price section of your listing. (more information on discounts here).

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This discount can't be edited for now. (more information on discounts here).

We also use your price for 1 day to fix a price for four-hour rentals. This price is 70% of your daily price (but it can't go lower than a certain threshold, for insurance reasons).

NB: the price for a 4h rental can't be edited, but you can choose not to allow 4-hour rentals by customising your rental conditions.

The number of days in a rental

For insurance reasons we don't count half days, only full days can be taken into account (except for rentals lasting less than 4 hours). One rental day is 24h, with 2 hours flexibility, so here are how the rental days are counted:

  • 0 to 4 hours: this counts as a 4 hour rental
  • 4 hours to 26 hours (24+2): this counts as one day
  • 26 hours to 50 hours: this counts as 2 days
  • etc...

*Example: A rental starting on a Friday at 1pm and ending on the next Sunday at 2pm will count as 2 days (49 hours). A rental starting on a Friday at 1pm and ending on the next Sunday at 4pm will count as 3 days (51 hours).

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