What vehicles are accepted on Drivy?

To be accepted on Drivy, your vehicle must :

  • be a privately owned vehicle (i.e. ‘normal’ cars : these cars have “VP” in field J.1 (type) of the Carte Grise (vehicle registration certificate)) or a utility vehicle with a PTAC of under 3.5 tonnes (these vehicles have “CTTE” in field J.1 (type) of the Carte Grise (vehicle registration document) and < 3500 in field F.2 (weight)), and of less than 13m3. Other types of vehicle are not insured: buses, caravans, motorbikes, quad bikes, no-license cars, driving school cars… You can't rent your vehicle on Drivy to tract a trailer either. You wouldn't be covered by our insurance.

  • be parked in their registration country

  • be be covered by an yearly insurance policy, at least third-party liability insurance.

  • have a routine inspection and maintenance certificates up to date during the rental.

  • be under 200.000 kms (130.000 miles in the UK) in mileage

Besides, you have to be the owner of the vehicle (ie your name (natural or legal person) is on the registration certificate).

  • If your car is in leasing, it usually depends on the type of financing contract (PCP, Hire Purchase, Contract hire, Personal Loan,…) and the financing or leasing company. Some allow it, some don’t. You should have the answer in your documents, and you can always contact your financing/leasing company directly if still in doubt.
  • If you want to rent a relative's car on Drivy, you need to have a written authorization signed by the owner allowing you to rent the vehicle on Drivy.

If these conditions are not respected, you will not be covered by our insurance, and any damage will be at your expense.

NB : Except in France where these vehicles are covered, vehicles where the horsepower is superior to 13CV or 300 KW are most of the time refused : sports models from Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar ...

For cars registered in France

  • Tinted windows : If your vehicle has tinted windows at the front, you have to make sure the opacity is inferior to 30%, or you could not be covered by our insurance, and couldn't ass you vehicle on Drivy. In case of doubt, you can go to a specialist to measure the window opacity.

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