What are the car quality standards on Drivy?

Here is a list of standards we want our owners to respect when they rent their car:

  1. They should keep their calendar up to date and not cancel rentals. However, if they have to cancel, you will find more information on how to find a new car here.
  2. They should answer your requests as soon as possible, but if they don't answer right away or can't, here are our tips on what to do.
  3. We recommend they use our price system so that rentals can be cheaper than anywhere else.
  4. They need to be precise on where their car is. This also means that you need to bring it back where the owner tells you to (more information here).
  5. We try and make sure all the cars on our platform are safe, and clean. Our owners need to respect this (more information here). This means you also have to bring back the car clean.
  6. Owners need to fill at least 1/4 of the tank before rentals. This means that you should also bring the car with at least as much fuel as at the start.

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