How is the price of a rental computed?

The total price you pay for a rental is the sum of the price the owner set for your rental days, the rental insurance and assistance, the Drivy service fee (3€) and an optional deductible reduction option.

So the price of a rental depends on several criteria:

  • the duration of the rental
  • the category of the car (only in France and the UK): this will define the price you’ll pay for insurance.
  • the deductible reduction option (not compulsory): with this option, the deductible you would have to pay in case of an accident is reduced. More information about the deductible reduction option.

Please note that a complementary charge will be applied if you drove more than the included mileage.

The prices that are displayed include insurance, roadside assistance, and Drivy’s service fee.

Prices are set by owners, and are on average 30% lower than those offered by professional rental agencies. The average rental price is €30 (£37 in the UK) per day, only fuel remains to be paid.

NB: On Drivy, all options are free of charge. For instance, adding an extra driver or being lent a navigation system are not chargeable.

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