What happens if I get a ticket?

Beware, breaking traffic regulations is costly !

For all the traffic tickets that occured during the rental, you will be fully responsible for paying the fines and you will be the one to lose license points, if necessary.

If the owner receives a ticket that occurred during the rental, he will contest it and nominate you instead. The fine will therefore be sent to you at your address.

On top of the fine itself, you owe a €15/£35 processing fee per traffic ticket.

What is this €15/£35 fee for? Handling a ticket is time-consuming for the owner : going through the exemption request process can be tricky and may include sending mails. It also represents an additional task for Drivy : we guide and assist owners through all the different exemption processes, and we then have to check the validity of the agreement and the fine before charging you.

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