How to rent a car on the website?

  1. Sign up for free, then fill out your profile in plenty of detail so that owners feel comfortable when you contact them.

  2. On the homepage, enter the address where you would like to rent a car.

  3. Compare the cars found and contact one or more owners. You can choose between regular cars and Open cars (find out how Open rentals go here). When an owner accepts your request, you need to pay online to confirm the rental. If you contact three owners, you should stand a good chance of receiving at least one positive reply.

  4. Meet the owner at the time you agreed on to pick up the vehicle. The owner will bring the rental agreement, the vehicle’s documentation, and the keys.

  5. You must bring your driver's licence, which will be checked by the owner. If you paid with a credit card (which must then be in your own name), you must also bring it for checking.

  6. After the rental, review the owner and the vehicle on the website.

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