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How does volume discounts work?

In order to remain competitive with professional rental agencies, we advise you to offer discounts on longer rentals: 15% for 2-day rentals, 30% discount for 1-week rentals and 50% discount for 30-day rentals. The price per extra kilometer stays the same, however.

Drivy will automatically generate discounts for each possible rental duration.

Let's look at an example. Someone books a 4-day rental and here are your prices:

  • Price per day: 30€
  • Discount for a 4-day rental: 20%

We will apply your degressivity to the prices you set for the rental days, so here is how we calculate:

Day 1 30€
Day 2 30€
Day 3 30€
Day 4 30€
Total without discount 120€

Discount -20%

In this case, the driver will pay 96€, plus the Drivy service fee (3€) and the insurance.

We also generate a price per kilometre, which takes vehicle wear and tear into account (more information on mileage here).

For FR, BE, ES, DE & AT

Of course, you are free to modify the suggested percentage discounts if necessary. If you do not want to use volume discounts at all, decrease the discounts until you reach a 0% discount. NB: You will only be able to edit the discounts for 2, 7 and 30-day rentals, the rest are calculated automatically.

For UK

Of course you are free to modify your price for one day as much as you want. However, the discount and the price per mile are fixed and can't be edited for now.

You can edit your prices in Your cars > Manage your listing > Price.

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