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How can I extend or modify a rental?

If the driver contacts you to extend of modify a rental, tell them that they must make their request on Drivy, so that the insurance cover can get extended accordingly. Then you need to approve their request, otherwise the rental will not be extended or modified.

If your car is Open, the extension request will work like a regular booking. The extension will be accepted automatically as long as:

  • it matches the days available in your calendar
  • it doesn't reduce the price of the rental. If the driver wants to edit the rental to reduce its price, you will need to approve their request manually.

If your car doesn't have Instant booking, you will have to accept or decline the request manually.

If you decline or the driver can't extend the rental, the driver will have to return the vehicle at the date and hour originally planned. Remember a rental can't last more than 30 consecutive days.

In case of extension, the rental agreement doesn't need to be printed again, the one initially filled remains valid.

If the driver does not have internet access, or if they have your car outside of the dates initially planned, you must contact Drivy immediately (see Contact page).

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