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How can I report an incident?

If your vehicle suffers from an incident during a rental on Drivy, you have 5 days to report the incident // UK: you have 2 days to report the incident. Take a look at our article about the difference between wear and tear, and damage.

If the damage report indicates a friendly resolution, option A, please note that Drivy won't be able to intervene.

Online report

The incident report is 100% online. Go to Drivy website (not the app), then Your rentals > Selected rental > Report an incident .

Our claims team cannot open an incident report by phone: it is your online incident report that triggers the opening of your claim file.

Important: an incomplete file would slow our treatment process: attach every document you have from the first sent (damage report signed, rental agreement signed, insurance information...) will accelerate your claim treatment.

Claim treatment

A confirmation email will confirm the transmission of your claim to our claims team. We will get back to you as soon as we can to let you know what's happening with your file.

We'll get back to you within ten working days to keep you posted on the claim status and incident follow-up.

Vehicle repairs

Depending on the claim, we'll provide two solutions :

  • Repairs at a third garage : get the quote from a garage of your choosing and transmit it to us for validation. Once the quote is approved, the garage may start the repairs.

  • Intervention of an expert : the insurance can mandate an expert to inspect the vehicle and overview the repairs.

Our insurance has a network of partner garages where you don't need to advance money for the repairs, and you'll be able to benefit from a replacement vehicle.

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