How can I prepare for my upcoming rental?

What should I do before the rental starts ?

1 . Check if your vehicle is in good conditions and doesn’t present any risk for the driver :

  • Routine inspection up to date
  • Tire condition and inflation is checked
  • Maintenance and oil change ( + levels of your brake fluid, antifreeze, engine oil and windscreen washer etc...)
  • Safety equipments : triangle and safety vests

2 . Place in your glovebox :

  • A copy of your car registration document
  • A copy of your insurance card
  • Driver’s instructions and damage report accessible from Your rentals > Selected rental > Glovebox documents.

3 . If you don’t have a smartphone, print the paper agreement before meeting with the driver. Otherwise, just download the Drivy app and use the mobile agreement.

What should I do during check-in ?

For a Drivy Open rental, you don’t have to meet with the driver and process to the checks, Drivy takes care of it for you.

For a classical rental :

  • Every driver must be present at check-in and show their original driving license (no copy), and the credit card used for the rental payment.
  • Make sure the driving license and the credit card :
    • Have the same first name and last name as on the agreement
    • The same number and expiration date
  • Every driver must comply with :
    • The age and number of years of driving license applying for the vehicle category (Learn more)
    • Fill the agreement with the driver, proceed to the walkaround inspection together then make sure the driver signs the contract.

NB : If the driver’s documents are not properly checked, the insurance will deny coverage for the rental.

What should I do at the end of the rental ?

If the driver plans to come back later than planned, he has to modify the rental so the insurance car extend the coverage. At the end of the rental, fill the agreement again with the driver, input the driven kilometers and the gas level so Drivy can adjust the rental price if needed, and finally, make sure the driver signs the rental agreement.

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