Drivy joins Getaround

Can someone other than the renter come and pick up the car?

No. Only the renter who booked and paid for the rental can come and pick up the car.

At check-in, you must perform verifications of the driver’s identity, that require their physical presence. Those verifications are thoroughly explained in the rental agreement. It is not permitted for Peter to register on the website, Paul to pay and Jack to come and pick up the car. Do not hand your keys over if one of the conditions of the rental agreement is not met, you would not be covered by our insurance. Don't hand your keys either before the time the rental was supposed to start without modifying the rental.

This means that you must not agree to any of the following:

  • A friend comes to pick up the car instead of the person who contacted you on the website
  • A partner, relative or friend pays instead of the renter, even if the latter is present at check-in

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