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How can I report damages that happened during a Drivy Open rental?

The driver must report every damage that happened during the rental, and also the ones that might have happen and not be reported in previous rentals. You have 5 days after the end of the rental to fill a damage report to Drivy.

If you check your vehicle and observe a damage that wasn't in the walkaround inspection or not reported by a driver, you must also fill a damage report.

The driver will have to give Drivy his vehicle condition pictures to testify the condition of the vehicle at the time of restitution. If he refuses or is incapable to provide them, he will be in charge of the damages.

If you have successive rentals with more than 5 days between them, we recommend you to check regularly your car. If there is an unreported damage, you'll have to fill a damage report to Drivy.

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