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How does the calendar price work?

You can define different prices depending on which day it is. For instance, you can increase the price per day for summer, holidays and weekends or decrease the price per day for weekdays or times where you will get fewer rental requests.

To pick your calendar prices, go to your car > Manage my listing > Price > Variable pricing. You will be able to select:

  • A price for low seasons (weekdays)
  • A price for medium seasons
  • A price for high seasons (holidays, summer, ...)

When you validate these prices, they will automatically be applied to your calendar for the next 3 months, but you can still edit prices manually in the calendar if you want to.

How does my calendar prices work with degressivity?

Even if you select a custom price on your calendar, we will apply the same degressivity as for your "regular" prices (more information on how we calculate regular prices here). Let's look at an example. Someone books a 3-day rental and here are your prices:

Price per day (including your calendar prices):

  • Day 1: 40
  • Day 2: 30
  • Day 3: 30

Discount for a 3-day rental: 20%

We will apply your degressivity to the sum of your prices per day: (40+30+30) * 80% = 80€.

NB: If a driver books a four-hour rental on a day with a custom price, we will use your custom price to calculate the price of the rental: we will count 70% of the custom price.

What happens if a rental starts on a Friday but ends on the Saturday?

When a rental covers 2 calendar days, we need to decide which calendar price we will use to calculate the rental price. If your calendar price for Friday is 40€ and for Saturday it's 50€, then it's important to know which day we will take into account.

In that case, we take into account the price of the day that was most used. For instance, for a rental starting on Friday at 7pm and ending on Saturday at 3pm, we will use the Saturday price (the rental lasted 5 hours on the Friday and 15 on the Saturday).

If the rental is evenly split between the 2 days, we use the price of the first day by default.

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