Have a car without having a car
With Drivy, you’ll always have access to a car nearby that’s ready to drive. Take a trip for as long as you need, and return the car when you’re done. Easy, right?
Self-service cars you can access 24/7 with the app
Before the trip
Book a Drivy Open
Choose your ideal car from the available ones nearby.
You can filter by car type, price, and other features you might need.
Verify your profile
Upload photos of your licence and ID.
You only need to do this the first time you use Drivy Open.
During the trip
Access the car with your phone
Use the app to perform the check-in process, then unlock the car in one tap. Ta-da!
The keys will be inside.
Enjoy the drive!
200 km/day and secondary drivers are included.
Manage your entire trip with the app.
Your trip is fully insured by Allianz and covered by 24/7 roadside assistance.
You can opt to pay for a reduced deductible for more peace of mind.
After the trip
Return the car
Use the app to check out and end your trip. Leave the keys inside the car and lock it with your phone.
The rental price will be automatically adjusted if you’ve driven further than expected or didn’t refill the fuel tank (see details).
Earn credits for your next trip
Share your referral code with your friends, and they’ll get €30 credit.
When they complete their first trip, you’ll also get €30 credit!
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