Backend Engineer

Tech - Paris - Full-time

We believe shared cars are a better way to move around, offering more flexibility and more convenience. We are already the #1 car rental marketplace in Europe, and we believe the adoption will be 100 times larger in just a few years. We are present in several countries, have great mobile apps, and kick-ass hardware. And we’re just getting started.

You will join the engineering team (16 brilliant people!) and take on many challenges, such as:

• Improving our search algorithm (matching supply and demand) to improve our search-to-book conversion
• Scaling our payments & accounting infrastructure
• Designing and implementing new API endpoints for our native apps (iPhone/Android)
• Detecting and preventing fraud
• Implementing new features for our end users to enjoy
• Writing automated tests to make sure everything works as expected
• Refactor and improve the codebase to make other developers' lives better

... and more. For more insights over what we are doing, you can check out our engineering blog.

We are looking for someone production-oriented and thriving on writing robust code. Someone who cares deeply about reliability, sustainability and solid software design. You’ll have an opportunity to solve interesting problems in a fast-paced, agile and exciting environment.

We’re building a marketplace that will scale to millions of users in many different countries in coming years. You can imagine that there will also be many challenging problems that we haven’t even thought of yet!

Our Tech Stack

  • Ruby on Rails 5 with Ruby 2.4
  • Lots of Rspec and Capybara/PhantomJS tests to be safe 
  • Continuous integration with Docker and CircleCI to ship quickly
  • MySQL with multiple slaves and a dozen of Redis instances to store things
  • ES6, ReactJS with Webpack and Yarn for the frontend
  • A solid internal bootstrap to avoid redesigning forms every weeks
  • Logmatic (an ELK alternative) for logs indexing, searching and metrics extraction
  • An agile mindset allowing us to push to production multiple times a day
  • Heroku and AWS to deploy everything
  • An homemade toolbelt connected to slack to automate and simplify all the things 
  • Monitoring dashboards built with Telegraf + Influxdb + Grafana
  • Processes to remove headaches and move fast

Skills & Experience We Are Looking For

  • Shipped and maintained code in production
  • Good experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • Experience with a relational database such as PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Great communication skills, works well within a team
  • Able to communicate in English
No need for a resume, but Linkedin, Twitter and Github usernames are appreciated!

Don't hesitate to give our backend challenge a try.