Your Drivy rental, with smartphone unlocking technology

Drivy Open technology lets you hire a car and unlock the vehicle using your smartphone, without meeting the owner. Freedom is yours!

Stay independent

Hire a car when it suits you, without meeting the owner.

Save time

Vehicle pickup and return takes a few minutes using your smartphone.

It’s magic!

Unlock the car doors using a smartphone!

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How does a Drivy Open rental work?

Book a vehicle

Select a Drivy Open vehicle – they can be recognised by this symbol – and book it in a few clicks.

Tick the filter when searching so you only see Drivy Open vehicles.

Verify your profile

For your first Drivy Open rental, you'll have to verify your profile by taking a photo of the required documents.

It only takes a few minutes and you won't have to do it again next time!

Go to the car

1 hour before check-in, the Drivy app will show you the GPS location of the car on a map.

Unlock the vehicle using your smartphone

Using the Drivy app, perform the walkaround inspection for the car.

Unlock the vehicle using your smartphone, pick up the keys inside, and get going!

Return the vehicle at the end of the rental

Take the vehicle back to the place the rental started, and make sure the fuel level is the same.

Leave the keys inside and follow the procedure on the Drivy app until the doors are locked.

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In the news

A box it can install in cars to allow customers to open car doors with their smartphones at times agreed with car owners, making self-service rental possible.

This allows people to rent a car, and instead of having it dropped to them, they can go to the car and unlock it themselves with an app.

Neat technology that enables drivers to open cars with their smartphones and carry out self-service rentals.

Our answers to your questions

There’s no need for a badge, or any kind of membership. You can book a Drivy Open car as long as you’ve got a smartphone! For your first Drivy Open rental, the Drivy team will verify your licence and identity.

If there are additional drivers, their licences and identity documents must also be verified.

Once you’ve confirmed your Drivy Open rental, you’ll be invited to take a photo of your driving licence and share some personal information with your DVLA code.

When you pick up the vehicle, you check the condition inside and outside. Use your smartphone to report any damage you notice.

When you return the vehicle, you’ll be asked to take photos of the vehicle to show its condition at the end of the rental.

The mileage is calculated automatically by the box inside the vehicle. There is no need to record the mileage at check-in and check-out.

However, the fuel level does have to be reported. The driver is requested to check the fuel level at check-in and check-out.

If they travel further than expected, or if they use more fuel, you can update the rental up to 24 hours after the rental.