Rent your car from anywhere

The Drivy Open kit lets you to rent your car remotely. More revenues, less effort. Why not!

Is your car compatible with Drivy Open?

Is the mileage under 100,000 km?
Does the vehicle have power door locks?

Drivy Open: more rentals, less hassle

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The Drivy Open module is installed in your car in less than one hour, for free.


Drivers can book, locate and unlock your car with a smartphone. Your car remains 100% safe: only vetted drivers can use it.


Our app guides them all the way to the end of the rental: you don’t need to leave your house.

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More revenues

Earn an additional 150€ every month

Save time

You don't need to setup an appointment for every rental, nor to be present physically.


You're not available to do the rental? Don't worry, your car is.

A secure system

Engine immobilizer

Thanks to Drivy Open, your car benefits from an immobiliser to protect it against theft.

Detailed walkaround inspection

For every check-in and check-out, done via the Drivy app.

Verified drivers

Drivy checks the identity documents and licenses of all drivers.

Already more than 111000 rentals and more than 1900 vehicles equipped in Europe

Jérome L.

I could rent my car remotely while I was in holidays, an income I couldn’t have had without this system.

Ramona V.

I’m always available but Drivy Open represents so much time saved for me, since I don’t have to be present during checkin or checkout.

Jean-Marc M.

After setting up my fisrt car with Drivy Open, I directly asked to install all my vehicles.